Neutral Bay Studio

For over 20 years, we have been providing specialised Pilates classes in small studio settings.

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    Our teaching methods are inspired by Joseph Pilates but we employ contemporary research-based programs that have a proven success rate amongst our loyal clients. We are proud to say that our reputation for excellence has sustained our on-going success.

    Our main studio in Neutral Bay is fully equipped and has a quiet, calming and comfortable environment flooded with natural light. With a backdrop of the Neutral Bay skyline, it is like working out above the treetops. Our trained and dedicated teachers will enable you to focus on your individual workout to gain the most benefit. At Neutral Bay we also offer Allegro Pilates, Freeform Pilates and mat-based classes (please refer to Programs and Timetables).


North Strathfield Studio

Our North Strathfield boutique studio is situated in The McDonald College of Performing Arts.

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    The Studio’s professional teachers provide tailored Pilates classes using specialised equipment to a wide cross-section of the community – everyone is welcome. Although we operate independently, our close association with the College has seen many successful young dancers train within Leeon Studio Pilates, but we are also proud of our role in improving the movement abilities of our diverse range of clients.
    Both of our Studios provide assessments, individual exercise programs and close supervision with a maximum of four clients to one teacher.


Expert Teachers

All of our teachers are accredited and certified Pilates instructors with extensive experience in providing precise hands-on Pilates instruction to clients of all ages, abilities and from all walks of life.

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    As part of their mandatory affiliation with either the Australian Pilates Method Association or Pilates Alliance Australasia, our teachers are required to obtain ongoing education credits annually. In addition, at Leeon Studio Pilates, we undertake regular training updates and always refer to the core principles established by Joseph Pilates. Our reputation is enhanced through referrals by Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and other Allied Health Professionals throughout the years.


Our Tools

Our Studios are equipped with reformers, barrels, exercise tables, balls and a wide variety of equipment to enhance your workout experience.

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    Part of each workout may be conducted on a floor mat using special equipment designed by Brad Leeon and not found in other studios. Clients say they love the variety.

    Brad Leeon maintains affiliations with other exercise industry groups. At Neutral Bay we conduct Pilates training courses and workshops in our adjoining studio. In addition we offer room hire for allied health professionals. Our massage therapist has become very popular amongst some of our clients.

Our aim is to help you to develop your mental and physical well-being using specialised and dedicated contemporary-based Pilates.

The Heart of Well-Being

At Leeon Studio Pilates we believe that “The Heart of Well Being is a Balanced Perspective”.

Exercise is essential to strengthen the body’s structure and maintain flexibility of movement.
We all develop bad habits in everyday actions such as slouching, rounding shoulders and compensating for structural weaknesses. To correct and improve the functionality of your body, we strive to change your perceptions about how you should move. This often requires a “mind over matter” approach.

At Leeon Studio Pilates, we believe that wellness depends on one’s outlook. If you seek to improve your overall physical strength and your movement ability or achieve a faster recovery from an injury, the teachers and staff at Leeon Studio Pilates are here to guide you.

The aim of our Studios is to provide a professional and enjoyable experience, with contemporary programs based on Joseph Pilates' teachings and designed just for you. We are attuned to new research on the science of movement and we constantly review and refresh our Pilates methods.

A carefully taught program of Pilates exercises will engage your mind and invigorate your body to give you the ability to reach your potential. The Leeon Studio Pilates team of skilled and friendly teachers are experienced in corrective body movement, specific strengthening, stretching or general conditioning exercises. We listen, assess your overall condition, then design a program so we can work together towards your objectives.

We are happy if you feel invigorated after your session, especially if you are de-stressed and your body is feeling more flexible but we really love hearing that Pilates has made a huge difference to your overall well-being.

Inspired by Joseph Pilates

At Leeon Studio Pilates, we use the Pilates method developed by Joseph Pilates. With some contemporary adjustments to our tailored exercise programs, we continue to be inspired by his practices and principles.

Joseph H. Pilates was born near Dusseldorf, Germany in 1883. He practiced gymnastics, diving, skiing and bodybuilding. Influenced by the early Greeks, Mr Pilates adopted their coordination and balance of body and mind. Combining east and west, gymnastics and yogic principles, Mr Pilates created mental and physical exercises to strengthen the body and free the mind.

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    In 1912 at the age of 32, Joseph Pilates moved to England and became a professional boxer, circus performer, and self-defence trainer for Scotland Yard. In 1914, the world was at war and Mr Pilates was interned in the Lancaster camp as an “enemy alien”. Mr Pilates refined his ideas about health and bodybuilding, and developed a conditioning program based on a series of exercises performed on a mat, which he later named “Contrology”.

    Later, Joseph Pilates was transferred to a camp on the Isle of Man where he continued to explore his knowledge to help care for those injured in war. Without any exercise equipment, Mr Pilates began experimenting with bedsprings so the patients could work with resistance while still bed-bound. This exercise with resistance helped patients recover muscle tone more quickly. The springs attached to the bed base inspired Mr Pilates to develop what we now know as the “Universal Reformer”. He developed other useful apparatus and incorporated “mat work,” to his teaching program for fellow prisoners.

    Although Mr Pilates had many theories about exercise and life, his most dominant philosophy was about being in control of every movement both mentally and physically. His core principles were – Centring, Concentration, Control, Breathing, Precision and Flow.

    Joseph Pilates wrote his definition of physical fitness in 1945 and it still holds true today: “The attainment and maintenance of a uniformly developed body with a sound mind fully capable of naturally, easily and satisfactorily performing our many and varied daily tasks with spontaneous zest and pleasure.”

Our Teachers


Our enthusiastic team of trained professionals all love helping people to achieve their goals for better movement. Certified in the Pilates method, all our teachers have extensive experience in providing precise hands-on Pilates instruction to clients of all ages, abilities and objectives, whether they are seeking to achieve better movement, a feeling of well-being, recovery from injury or specific goals for a healthier lifestyle through Pilates.

In addition to obtaining further accreditations, at Leeon Studio Pilates we undertake regular training updates while maintaining the core principles established by Joseph Pilates. Our reputation for quality teaching in a nurturing environment has sustained our on-going success through word-of-mouth referrals and many regular clientele.

At Leeon Studio Pilates we believe that “The heart of well-being is a balanced perspective”.

Nic is an accomplished teacher with a passion for ballet and quality movement. She is consistent and devoted to the Pilates work goals and maintenance of our studios’ high standards.
Passionate about dance, Ayako has a gentle and thorough teaching style. Her patience and application produces noticeable results.
A specialist in rehabilitation and experienced in the art of movement Deb’s keen eye for detail will ensure you exercise safely.
With her extensive knowledge of the Pilates methodology, Jasmine is a very capable teacher with years of experience.
Kara maintains an excellent rapport with her great communication skills and professional teaching style.
Sweet natured, but when necessary, Karla will drive and motivate the strongest client to optimise his or her potential.
A long-term teacher at LSP, fun mum of 3 and an aerialist, Kim is adept with pre- and post-natal care, and has a passion for conditioning the entire body.
A refreshing and delightful teacher, Ely focusses on each client’s goals, and has first-hand recent experience with injury recovery.
With a well-rounded teaching approach, Sabrina offers a diverse repertoire of exercises tailored to the skills and objectives of each client.
Ana specialises in movement assessment and finding the appropriate workout plan to reach our clients’ personal goals. All programs are designed to be safe yet effective.
Clients have provided good feedback on Sarah’s gentle, caring and nurturing approach and she enjoys the process of teaching clients with specific objectives.
A proficient teacher with a wide cross section of abilities, Victoria brings energy and a positive atmosphere to all her Pilates classes.
His adaptable nature enables Alistair to accommodate multiple learning styles, with his friendly, agreeable and detailed teachings.
Versatile approach to movement with an ability to problem solve while staying true to the Pilates methodology.
A refreshing, enthusiastic teacher, Liz values the importance of her clients’ needs and their specific goals.
Experienced and innovative, Brad is a master at identifying movement solutions for bodies in need.

Brad and Tracey Leeon

We have been providing individualised Pilates teaching to a wide range of clients for over 23 years. The business was founded as Vass & Shaw Pilates in 1994. A teacher since 1996 and a company director from 1999, Brad Leeon became the sole owner in 2015 together with his wife Tracey. Brad and Tracey take an active role in the business, ensuring the continuity of professional Pilates Method teaching, in a friendly, comfortable environment. They are especially proud that many clients have been coming to their Pilates studios for well over 10 years.

Brad, Tracey and their team of experienced teachers are skilled in corrective biomechanics to help you with common movement dysfunctions or specific sports or performance injuries. Programs of specific strengthening and general conditioning exercises are designed just for you with our aim that you will feel invigorated and de-stressed after every class.

Brad ensures that the studios’ teachers refresh their skills through ongoing education training and he is a partner in the provision of an accredited Diploma training course for new teachers (see the PET link). Brad is a Pilates industry educator who embraces opportunities to advise and mentor many existing Pilates teachers in the movement industry. Brad’s passion for the benefits of Pilates inspires all his clients to achieve their objectives for more efficient movement and regular exercise.

At Leeon Studio Pilates we encourage you to experience our personalised Pilates service, and we welcome the opportunity to work with other Allied Health Professional in the treatment of specific movement issues. See the tab, Our Studios, for details on each studio’s location.


The dedicated teachers at Leeon Studio Pilates offer a wide range of specialised programs that will improve your movement, strength and well-being no matter your body type, current condition or age.


We offer small group classes or private teaching six days per week. Both our studios have a range of equipment to enhance your Pilates experience, and our Neutral Bay studio also offers Allegro and Freeform Pilates group classes.

Contact us

Call or email us at our Neutral Bay or North Strathfield studios to chat about your objectives and answer your questions. Our friendly staff looks forward to helping you with the most suitable Pilates classes.