Fit and Pregnant

“In preparation for birth, I continued to attend Pilates classes to strengthen my pelvic floor and tummy muscles to take the strain off my back.

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    I felt safe with the instructors who guided me through the specific exercises that Leeon Studio Pilates designed for me. Several of the instructors were Mums so they knew exactly what I would be experiencing. The deep breathing, which is an integral part of the Pilates exercise method, also helped to relax me so I felt balanced physically and mentally. I have continued with regular Pilates classes to retain my strength, flexibility and fitness for a busy lifestyle with my gorgeous baby boy.”


Recovery from Surgery

“I started Pilates on the recommendation of a physiotherapist. My doctor was concerned that I would progress from using a walking stick to a wheelchair because the condition of my spine was affecting my ability to walk.

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    Brad Leeon took me under his wing. With his specialised program I started to become stronger and soon discarded my stick. After a few years I needed spinal surgery stabilisation with rods and screws, and needed support to walk.

    With Brad’s Pilates program I didn’t need to rely on the stick. The same thing happened after a knee replacement. By continuing with Pilates, I only had to use the stick for a short time. Two years ago I needed more spinal surgery, but had no need for a stick, because Pilates had strengthened me enough so I didn’t need the support. Brad and his team have provided consistent quality Pilates instruction to keep me on my feet.

    Eight years ago my husband died (he was also Brad’s client as he saw the benefits I had gained from Pilates). I was concerned I would not be able to manage, but with the strength and balance work I am doing under the studio's supervision, I have been able to live independently and even travel to visit family overseas.

    My sincere thanks to Leeon Studio Pilates for keeping me on my feet. My two children would never let me give up my regular Pilates sessions. Thank you, Brad.”



“Unfreezing” My Shoulder

“To my surprise, because I had not suffered any injury, my virtually immobile right shoulder was diagnosed as a frozen shoulder.

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    The specialist told me that recovery is a long process and that surgery would be an option. As I had already noticed the overall benefits of regular Pilates to my core strength and stability, I put my faith in Brad who started some hands-on specific movement therapy for my shoulder.

    Brad’s method restored partial movement to my shoulder within a month of the diagnosis. Even though there were some short moments of discomfort associated with the therapy, it passed very quickly and I never had to take any medication. Progress encouraged me to continue attending Leeon Studio Pilates to receive Brad’s therapy which he always delivered in a caring and informative way.

    Today I have free movement in both my shoulders and the experience has given me a greater awareness of the benefits that a tailored Pilates program can deliver.

    Thanks for saving me Brad.”


Improved Posture

“My wife often used to comment on my forward slouch. I was also experiencing some neck and shoulder discomfort, so I decided to try Pilates.

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    Leeon Studio Pilates assessed my posture and tailored a program for me. The exercises required to improve my poor posture are subtle yet challenging. Having a professional Pilates teacher to guide and develop my technique ensures that I achieve improvements without any injuries.

    My regular sessions at Leeon Studio Pilates have helped with my body alignment, balance and postural problems, in particular I have noticed improvements in my rounded shoulders and a forward head position.

    The skilled teaching methods at Leeon Studio Pilates have enhanced my body awareness and feeling of well-being.
    Stand Tall Leeon Studio Pilates!”


Free From Back Pain

“For many years, I suffered from chronic back pain which impacted my ability to enjoy my previously active lifestyle.

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    A specialised program at Leeon Studio Pilates has enabled me to gain strength and become pain-free. I can now continue to heli-ski, surf, attend gym sessions and maintain a busy lifestyle in my professional life in the finance industry. My Pilates workouts are both enjoyable and informative as the exercises are tailored to my specific needs. As I am not familiar with some of the precise details in Pilates movement techniques, I benefit from the hands-on approach offered at Leeon Studio Pilates. Exercising my lower back and gaining overall body conditioning has been a rewarding process for me. The knowledgeable assistance provided by Leeon Studio Pilates to move joints the right way and engage muscles has ensured that I remain pain free.
    Great Work Leeon Studio Pilates!”


Faster Recovery

“One week out from a big trek I was diagnosed with a stress fracture in my heel.

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    It was disappointing because I enjoyed a very active life style. Although I had to wear a stabilising boot for 6 weeks I was determined to stay strong and ensure the rest of my body would remain in top condition so I kept attending Pilates classes at Leeon Studio Pilates. The teachers were very understanding and modified my program to work around my injured foot. The regular overall body workouts helped me to stay in condition while the foot remained immobile. Once the boot came off, I was able to regain strength in the foot with a specific rehabilitation program designed by Leeon Studio Pilates. Their care and knowledge about how to exercise the deep intrinsic muscles of my foot was impressive. It is great to be walking without that boot.
    Thanks Leeon Studio Pilates!”



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